Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  Whenever Tracey creates a pet portrait, she likes to get a lot of information from the client.  She asks that you send as many photographs as possible, especially some closeups.  She then will speak to you… a lot… about your animal’s personality and character. This is what makes TK unique, she actually somehow manages to put this energy into the painting…  Bringing a joyful tear to the owner’s eyes! If you want to enquire about a pet portrait click here.

Anything is possible!  However, it should be considered that if there are a few personalities on one canvas, the personalities do tend to “meld”, and because it would take a lot more time, the price to do this is increased accordingly. We would also suggest that you consider a few smaller canvasses of each individual pet. Our record for original pet portraits in one household is currently 7!

When someone purchases an original pet portrait, we can discuss this further after the painting is finished!

Absolutely!  for any painting whose size is over 1.2m, we take the painting off the stretcher bar and roll.  All you need to do is take it to your framer and they can easily re-stretch so it is ready to hang!

A Hand Finished Limited Edition (HFLE) starts off as a very high quality Giclee Print.  It is printed on the same thick canvas that TK paints her originals on.  THEN TK hand paints over the print AND glues on the hessian AND applies her trademark liquid glass to the eyes and other areas on the canvas.This means that every HFLE is totally unique and has been given the original TK Magic. See my video here where I explain the difference between the two.

Great question!! It’s pretty simple…. A Textured Print is an “Open Edition”. This means that Tracey Keller Gallery prints an unlimited amount of these. They are designed to look really expensive, but at a budget price! You still get the TK signature hessian and textured paint on TOP of the print, so the look luxe! You are limited to what is available online, and they come in the sizes listed on the website.

A Hand Finished Limited Edition is precious. And they can be custom made in sizes to suit. We limit the printing quantity to merely 100 and each one is totally unique and comes with it’s own Certificate of Authenticity. TK has individually hand painted each one, and the subject’s eyes are finished with her signature resin/liquid glass finish so they just “pop”.

Check out these pics to show some different examples of the HFLE’s, (oh, and also there is a textured print – it’s the small horse in the foreground next to TK painting a large HFLE!)

No. The actual canvas that the classic prints are made of cannot be painted on.

We select only a few images for a HFLE.  We use a specific technique to make the image look super textured and pristine.  So we can’t do this with every painting.  However, if there is something you desperately want, please contact us and we will see if we can work with you – Team TK does aim to please!

YES!!!! is now gone global with a flat rate $49. Please note, all International purchases are subject to the specific country’s customs and duty fees which are not included in the listed price.

Absolutely!! You can purchase it here.

Just contact us and our team will get you sorted.

Oh Yes!!! Introducing TK’s Artbag. Simply fold and hang your artbag behind your painting on the wall. When it comes time to move it, simply pop it in the bag and shazam! You can purchase it here.

Yes! We do offer drop shipping if you want to buy a print/cushion cover/original painting to send to your loved ones. The sender/FROM will be your deets!